St Kilda Music Walking Tours

St Kilda Music Walking Tours

Walk the walk, hear the talk
Fred Negro

Our route will change after August the 16th (Pure Pop are on the move)
stay tuned for the new map

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Here is the list for upcoming walks. Hit that 'Book Now' button under the date you want. If you don't see a date you like please contact us.

We have no more than 20-ish people on each walk.

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St Kilda you can walk

The Walk is an entertainment, a series of bars, pubs and Rock wateringholes held together by the strange but true anecdotes of our inglorious tour guides. If you want a lecture full of dates and facts then you're on the wrong walk. If you want to get a feel for St Kilda when it rocks (without catching Hepatitis C) then you've come to the right place.

From The George to Pure Pop

The tour starts at the George Hotel, home of the Crystal/Seaview Ballroom. We meander (noisly) up Jackson Street to Rowland S Howard Lane dart down an alley to the Prince Of Wales where we eludicdte and imbibe. We take a sneaky shortcut via I Spit On Your Gravy House (opposite the Diplomat) to the Esplanade and the Gershwin Room before we visit the eyesore (Novatel) where St Moritz and Bananas once entertained us, the housing commision where Earl's Court (the Venue) stood, the hole where the Palace rocked and the Palais which has housed many of Melbourne's greatest concerts.

The light rail station is directly opposite the George and a tram runs the entire route for getting to the start or from the finish.

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Free parking can be found at the the park behind the Peanut Farm (lwood side of Luna Park) and we recommend that people with cars park there and take the tram back to the George for the start of the tour - or vice versa. Allow at least half an hour - we like to start on time. (But that doesn't mean we will necessarily finish on time.)